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Wolopay is the best and ultimate payment solution and storefront management for games. It’s an unparalleled unique Storefront management tool (or SaaS, Store as a Service) to include in your monetization strategy, in order to increase visits to your games’ shops and improve their conversion rates, (that is, to increase in-game or in-app purchases), joined with a global payment solution hub with worldwide coverage, thanks to its more than 300 payment methods integrated via different PSPs. It’s your games’ window to the world, perfectly integrated with their look and feel… where your users will be willing to pay, in their preferred payment method, in their local currency...

Forget about having different payment solutions, aggregators, and integrations for different countries, selling packs of virtual currency, having to decide prices for them based on intuition… Forget about having to develop a shop in your side and manage what items you sell for the game, and in exchange of how much virtual currency! You can do it all in a single contract, integration, interface, and money flow, and with the help of experts:

Wolopay is formed by a team of professionals that come from the gaming industry, and are specialized in monetization and payments; they will help you integrate the solution, and configure it to increase the visits to the shop, improve its effectiveness and profitability, and in the end, boost your conversion rates and incomes.

Wolopay makes developers' lives easier when it comes to manage their shop, in-app articles, prices, offers, and accept payments in all the platforms for all of his games, worldwide. One integration will allow the games to have items, articles, packs, GACHAs, tabs, all localizations, prices, offers, coupons, a virtual currency, and of course stats, and many more things, all together. Additionally, Wolopay is a “payment hub”; a new concept of a payment solution: integrate with Wolopay and you will have solved at once your integration with STEAM, Facebook, the Chrome Webstore, and many more international stores! One invoice, one transfer, and the developer will get all the money from all the platforms at once. And everything within a web application with simple step-by-step wizards and easy to use menus.

Let Wolopay be your storefront manager, your shopkeeper, offer programmer, coupon manager and your payment solution. Let Wolopay be your window to the world and start increasing your sales and revenues.

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Shop iframe Shop lightbox See a payment widget Control panel


Go Local:

+150 currencies: users see prices in their local currency, wherever.

+170 languages: show description of what you’re selling in users’ language.

Local payment methods to every country in the world (but including global credit cards, and recurring payments, of course!), ordered by popularity.

Wolopay patent pending “Standard Of Living Automatic Adaptor”, to suggest (but not impose) local prices affordable to people in the country (instead of having prices as if everyone was from the United States, Germany or South Korea).

Don’t want to set-up different prices per country? Group the least important for you, per continent, and set-up a common price for them...

Manage what you sell:

Wolopay advices customers with its monetization improvement knowledge, recommending best-practices, in an unmatched consultancy service, included in our monthly fee.

Create your items (can be virtual currency for one game or cross-game, or can be “resources” as wood, iron, silver, gold...)

Create articles with many different options like validity between dates, global or per-user limits, customized image and extended descriptions.

Create packs as sets of existing articles, or “random packs”.

Create different kinds of Gachas to increase conversion rates drastically.

Do you have multiple apps, plus one Virtual Currency that can be exchanged for items in your apps? We handle that too.

Flexibly manage offers of your products:

Offer discount in prices, or increase the items given, or give extra articles… or make your own mix.

Make offers valid for one or more countries...

Make the same offer in different articles at once (everything 20% off), or per article.

Create Seasonal Promotions and Gift codes.

Cross-platform, of course!

We blend with your game:

Flexible, fully configurable Skins for your shops: Integrate seamlessly in mobile, tablet or web automatically: no extra integration or configuration.

Categorize your articles and group them into “tabs” to make them easy to find .

Configure different “shops” depending on users’ level… Newbies won’t see the same tabs, articles, prices, or even offers, as expert users.


Wolopay Offer

Mini Developer Publisher Premium Platinum Partner
Pay Methods All All All All
Dedicated Gateways - - Yes, for Wolopay existing ones(*) Yes, plus up to 3 integrations on demand
Risk & Fraud Control Included Included Included Included
Items Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Articles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Offers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Coupons - Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited + API Available
Tutorial for end-users - Yes Yes, plus promotional code Yes, plus promotional code
Blacklisting - Country, IP, User Id Country, IP, User Id Country, IP, User Id
Number of Countries & Currencies 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Country Grouping per Area No 1 Area Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Languages 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Apps 1 3 10 Unlimited
Shops 1 1 per App 5 per App 5 per App
Customized Skins 1 Up to 3 per App Up to 3 per App and Shop Unlimited
Tabs 1 3 per App Unlimited Unlimited
Virtual Currency & e-Wallet - Per App Per App Valid within All Apps
Affiliate Sales Stats - Yes Yes Yes
Extended User Info for Stats - - Yes, via API Yes, via API
Cost per succesful transaction 0,15 € 0,12 € 0,10 € 0,05 €
Minimum transactions 500 0 0 0
(*) Existing Gateways (Steam, Facebook, Paypal, Adyen, Neteller, PaySafeCard, G2APay)
(**) Minimum transactions waived during first 3 months
15 €
Currency Exchange


  • Gateway Integration

    750 €

  • Skin customization

    500€/ skin

  • Localization up to 1000 words

    300€/ Language

EXAMPLE OF PAYMENT METHODS Volume Fee Per Transaction Fee
Credit Cards* 1.60% 0.10 €
PayPal 3.40% 0.34 €
PaySafeCard 11.00% 0
Neteller 3.40% 0.50 €
Skrill Wallet 3.90% 0.29 €
iDeal 2.50% 0.29 €
Trustly 2.50% 0.29 €
Boleto Bancario 6.99% 1 €
Multibanco 6.99% 1 €
Itaú 15.00% 1 €
BoaCompra Gold Credits 9.99% 1 €
EloCard, Hipercard, Aura, Personal Card, Pleno Card (Brasil) 6.99% 1 €
OXXO 15.00% 1 €
Cherry Credits 30.00% 0
Qiwi 12.00% 0
(*) Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Diners

About Us / Company

Wolopay is part of Nvia, a multinational company specialised in





years of experience

+20 offices worldwide


  • Madrid

  • Santiago de Chile

  • Singapore

  • Johannesburg




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Developer PHP FullStack Symfony 2 + Angular

Estamos contratando!!!

Wolopay es una compañía parte del grupo Nvia: una multinacional con 15 años de experiencia, oficinas en más de 20 países alrededor del mundo, más de 150 empleados, y que ofrece un gran abanico de servicios B2B y B2C. Wolopay es una aplicación web para que developers y publishers de videojuegos puedan gestionar y centralizar sus tiendas, ofertas, precios, descripciones, etc., para plataformas como STEAM, Kongregate, Web, Andorid, iOS, Windows, etc, alrededor del mundo

Estamos buscando un desarrollador PHP con Symfony2 que quiera formar parte de una compañía con un equipo de grandes profesionales con experiencia en distintos campos, desde la publicidad online a los videojuegos. Si eres un friki del desarrollo web en general, y de Symfony en particular... ¡Este es tu sitio!

Requisitos mímimos

  • Conocimientos de diseño Web, CSS, bootstrap
  • Al menos 2 años de experiencia en Symfony 2, Doctrine 
  • Angular 1
  • Testing phpunit
  • SOLID 

Conocimientos deseables

  • Haber hecho integraciones con medios de pago (Bancos, Visa, Paypal, PaysafeCard, etc...)
  • Angular 2
  • NodeJs
  • Bower
  • LESS

Bonus! Sería perfecto si además sabes de

  • Desarrollo para cloud (preferiblemente AWS)
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Desarrollo para plataformas de móvil
  • Inglés, Francés, Alemán, o ya puestos, Koreano, Chino Mandarín, Suajili o Esperanto
  • Buen sentido del humor (y paciencia con el malo)

¿Qué ofrecemos?

Aparte de un inmejorable ambiente de trabajo, rodeado de mentes inquietas y un CEO emprendedor por naturaleza, ofrecemos:

  • Contrato indefinido a jornada completa en nuestras oficinas de Las Rozas o de Madrid (zona de Nuevos Ministerios)
  • Entre 25.000 y 30.000€/año, con revisión a los 6 meses, según experiencia y resultados.
  • Desarrollar una plataforma innovadora y con tecnologías punteras
  • Relación con el mundo de los videojuegos a través de nuestra empresa hermana IDCGames

Si estas interesado, manda tu CV/LinkedIn/GitHub a


We're hiring!!!

Wolopay is a company part of the Nvia group: a multinational with more than 15 years experiencie, offices in more than 20 countries around the world, and more than 150 employees, and who offers a wide variety of B2B and B2C services. Wolopay is a web application for game developers and publishers to manage their shops, offers, prices, descriptions, etc, for platforms like STEAM, Kongregate, Web, Android, iOS, Windows, etc., worldwide.

We are looking for a PHP developer with Symfony2 who wants to be part of a company with great professionals with experience in differente fields, from marketing online to videogames. If you're a friky of web development in general, and Symfony specifically,... This is your place!

Minimum requirements

  • Web layout, CSS, bootstrap
  • At least 2 years experience in Symfony 2 and Doctrine
  • Angular 1
  • Testing phpunit
  • SOLID patterns

Desirable knowledge

  • Having made pay methods integrations (Banks, Visa, Paypal, PaysafeCard, etc).
  • Angular 2
  • NodeJs
  • Bower
  • LESS

Bonus! It'd be perfect if you also know about

  • Cloud based development and deplyment (AWS preferred)
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Mobile development
  • English, French, German... or even better, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Swahili or Esperanto
  • A good sense of humour (and patience with bad one)

What do we offer?

Apart from an unbeateable work environment, surrounded by restless minds, and a born-entepreneur CEO, we offer:

  • Full-time permanent job contracct in our offices in Las Rozas or Madrid (Nuevos Ministerios area)
  • 25.000€ to 30.000€ gross/year, with 6 month revision, depending on experience and results
  • To develop an innovative and state-of-the art platform with the newest technologies
  • A relation with the videogame world through our sister company IDCGames.

If you're interested, send your CV/LInkedIn/GitHub to