The following Terms & Conditions, jointly with Wolopay’s Legal Notice and Privacy Policy, govern the access and use by users of this website and the Wolopay platform (hereinafter, Wolopay Service). By using the Wolopay Service you agree to be bound by said instruments, which constitute a legal agreement between Wolopay and you.


Wolopay Service is an online unified payment solution, allowing its users to choose from a wide range of methods of payment for the purchase of digital content and / or services (jointly, Products) by different suppliers without the need to register in other websites or to complete complex electronic forms.

To enable these options, Wolopay provides its service in collaboration with many payment providers and affiliated suppliers, whose particular terms and conditions shall also apply depending on the Product acquired and the payment method used.

When you purchase a Product, you are granted a limited license to use the Product within the supplier’s environment (game, virtual world or similar), which you must do in accordance with said supplier’s own terms & conditions. Similarly, when you choose a specific payment method, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth by its provider.


The Wolopay Service operates as a "virtual store", integrated within the affiliated suppliers’ individual platforms. When a user intends to purchase a particular Product within the supplier’s environment, Wolopay´s own computing environment overrides it and a new Wolopay payment window is displayed on the user’s screen.

Once in this window, by selecting a particular content or service and one of the payment methods available, the Wolopay Service generates the confirmation window necessary to execute the transaction.

Once the transaction is accepted by the user and payment is confirmed, Wolopay automatically orders the supplier’s platform to make available to the user, in its own computing environment, the Product acquired. A final printable pop-up window with all data of the transaction is also offered to the user for billing purposes.


3.1. Prices

The price of each Product offered through the Wolopay Service will always be displayed on its window before confirmation request, together with any applicable fee or tax, and with information on the single or recurrent nature of the charge.

3.2. Payment

Payment of the requested Product can be made via various methods (PayPal, credit card, e-currencies, SMS micro-payments), depending on the particular Product requested. By selecting a particular payment method you agree to be bound by its particular terms and conditions, set forth by its provider.

3.3. Billing

Billing is due upon completion of each transaction, the Wolopay Service providing users with a downloadable file with the breakdown of all invoiced concepts and supplier’s data.


4.1. Refunds

Refund requests will only be processed in the following cases:

4.2. Withdrawal

Users hereby acknowledge and agree that they are not entitled to any withdrawing rights in relation to digital content and / or service purchases made through the Wolopay Service, as delivery and availability are immediate.

4.3. Cancellation

In the case of transactions involving the recurring payment of a price (subscription), users may, at any time, communicate to Wolopay their willingness to prevent the accrual of new charges, which may lead to content or service unavailability.


The Wolopay Service is made available for your own, personal use, and it must not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever or for any illegal or unauthorised purpose.
In particular, you may not use the Wolopay Service to do the following or assist others to do the following:


Wolopay cannot verify the identity of its users or the accuracy of their manifestations, including in relation with the ownership of the payment instruments used. Wolopay cannot therefore be held liable for the unauthorized use thereof. Holders of credit cards, PayPal accounts, etc, are solely responsible for their safekeeping.
Wolopay is only an intermediary between users and Product suppliers. Wolopay cannot therefore be held liable for bad performance of the Product purchased. Users must address themselves to the relevant supplier in case of dissatisfaction with the Product.
Access to the Wolopay Service is under the sole risk of the users, it being offered "as is", without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, on continuity, maintenance or absence of errors thereof. Wolopay cannot therefore be held liable for any damage caused to users or third parties in connection with their access and / or use of the Wolopay Service, or with the inability to access or use the same.


Wolopay reserves the right to modify these terms at any time to conform to the law or to service improvements by informing its users through a notice posted on the website. By using the Wolopay Service after publication of said notice users agree to be bound by the new terms. It is the responsibility of the users to regularly consult and learn about same.


These terms are governed by the Spanish law.
As far as legally admissible, users waive any other jurisdiction that may apply and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts of the city of Madrid, Spain, for disputes concerning the interpretation or enforcement thereof.